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This selection includes more than twenty Quebec titles and is distinguished by several titles of interior design, cooking and general interests that will undoubtedly please your clientele.

5-15, Aventure Chasse & Pêche, Bel Âge, Châtelaine (Fr.), Clin d'œil, Coup de Pouce, ELLE Québec, Faunetastique, Gabrielle, Géo Plein Air, Hockey Le Magazine, Idées Déco, Je cuisine, Je décore, KMag, L'actualité, La Maison du 21e siècle, Les Affaires, Les Affaires Plus, Les idées de ma maison, Nature sauvage, Plaisir au menu avec Caty, Québec Science, Rando Québec, Ressources & Industrie, Sélection, Vol VIP, VÉRO, Vélo Mag

*The number of issues may differ due to changes by the publisher and/or combined issues that count as two issues.


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